Heart and Hustle Mentorship


Heart and Hustle mentoring with me, Katie, creator and photographer of Lemon and Lace Studios. I am ready to share what I’ve learned over the last 8  years of starting out from the ground up.  I was a nurse, I did not have an artistic background of any sort, photoshop was completely foreign to me, but what I did have was a whole lot of heart, hustle and an absolute love and admiration for the art of photography.
This is really geared towards someone who loves photography and creating but isn’t quite sure where to go from there to turn their love and passion into a business!! Because as the saying goes DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. Or at least when it does feel like work you know it’s towards your OWN personal goals and growth and not that of a CEO.
I am going to go over everything with you in this 1:1 mentorship:
*Editing in Lightroom with my presets
*photoshop editing
*We will cover shooting in manual mode (getting it right in camera is 90% of the battle)
*What type of lenses I use and why
*Scouting locations and what is the PERFECT spot for me and why
*Advertising on Facebook
*How to attract the right kind of clients for YOU
*Taxes and how to make sure you are legal, making you a REAL business
*What programs I use every single day to help me with my workflow
*The anatomy of a family/child session, the dos and don’ts
*The biggest mistakes we all make in the beginning and why not to do it
*Q&A ask me anything 🙂
And many other important points. This is low pressure meet-up, so please do not feel intimidated. You will receive any product I have released at that point and time.
The class will last from 3-6 hours. Everyone’s journey is a little bit different, each meet-up will be tailored to your specific needs.  I will have a questionnaire for you to fill out ahead of time to make sure we spend our time on things that are really important to you.
It is truly my desire to have you succeed. The photography industry is one that really needs to help lift up other photographers and raise the bar and standards for each of us!! It can be really frustrating when I tell someone what I do and the initial reaction is one of really not being taken that serious and viewing me just as a mom with a camera.  I think we’ve all been there!! I want to help grow an outstanding group of dedicated artists. I look forward to when it is warm out that we can do stylized shoots together, maybe a monthly meet-up etc. When looking at the definition of a mentorship you will often see the word relationship! It is not just throw a bunch of information at you and leave you to the wolves.
Heart and Hustle 1:1 Mentoring:
3-6 hours 1:1 Mentorship: $675
$200 deposit to hold your date and time the remainder will be due at the time of the mentorship.
Mini Heart and Hustle Mentoring:
1-2 hours 1:1 Mentorship: $475
$125 deposit to hold your date and time. The remainder will be due at the time of the mentorship.
*Please note at the mini Heart and Hustle mentorship we will not be able to cover all topics however we will chat ahead of time so you can let me know what would be most important to you to cover.
Location is at my home in Adel, IA
Some knowledge of lightroom and/or photoshop
Basic knowledge of your camera
Having a current photography business or the desire to start one
A whole lot of heart and hustle 🙂
There is the option of adding on additional meet-ups for anytime in 2018 for $200/hour once you’ve completed the initial Heart and Hustle mentorship.
You will be required to sign a noncompete. This just means that for 1 year you will not be able to hold your own workshops or mentoring with other photographers.
If you’re ready to go all in and HUSTLE, lets. do. this.
Email: Katie@LemonandLaceStudios.com to get started!
*In 2018, The Heart and Hustle Mentorship will be going LIVE, with Stephanie and I. We cannot wait to bring the Heart and Hustle Workshop for Omaha and Des Moines, details coming soon!